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JEFA Auto Parts AB is a fast growing family business that, since our beginning in 2000, has worked with car dissassembly and warehousing of car parts for the second hand market. We and our staff have long experience of the vehicle industry.

Three years after we started we were suppliers to Ford/Volvo, and since 2007 we have been collaborating intensively with Laga AB. Laga AB are the association of swedish, danish and norwegian car dismantlers, with a large number of members. In 2013 we started up in Spain (EuroCores). All together, we handle the dismantling of 250,000 cars per year. All parts are warehoused by us, then sold on to the renovation industry in Europe and the rest of the world.

Every year we turn over circa 100,000 parts, with a steadily increasing flow, which helps us to serve our customers with respect to both quality and quantity.

The future
In 2015 we are striving to create new contacts out in the world to broaden our expansion possibilities. For this reason, for the third time in the history of the company, we will take part in the ReMaTec Exhibition in Amsterdam 2015.
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